Quincy’s QGD 15 Rotary Screw air compressor is designed to provide reliable compressed air under the most demanding conditions and is backed by Quincy’s 5-Year True Blue Warranty. The QGD Rotary Screw air compressor  provides high efficiency and accessibility and take performance and reliability to the next level. Plus…the QGD 15 Is the most energy efficient compressor in its class!


Some of the QGD 15 features include:

  • Eye popping design
  • construction efficiently cools the unit
  • improves accessibility making maintenance easy
  • the size of the range was sharply reduced
  • Footprint is significantly smaller
  • Lowered noise levels
  • Upgraded controller:
    – Insures full protection & energy saving plus.
    – Monitoring your system was never this easy
    – Plus this controller allow networking up to 6 units

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