Air Compressor Myths

Compressed air is a vital source of power in modern day automation and industrial assembly. However, despite the tremendous advantages and vast potential of this technology, many myths surrounding air compressors persist. Some of these myths are based on misunderstandings about what can and cannot be accomplished with pneumatic tools. Others are derived from outrageous claims made about certain machines and system components. In any case, compressed air myths have confused and even dissuaded people in certain sectors who could otherwise benefit immensely from this great power source. The 14 following misperceptions are among the most widely circulated compressed air myths.



Here we Grow again…….

As part of our efforts to continuously improve our support to the laboratory and healthcare aftermarket business, we would like to advise you of some changes to our Scales Medical and BeaconMedaes organization within the USA. Scales Medical Technologies previously based in Carle Place, NY, will be integrated into the operations of BeaconMedaes effective third quarter 2018.



Another Happy Quincy Automotive User!

Does anyone in this photo look familiar?

“Truck U”, from the Velocity Network, along with a number of others have featured Quincy compressors with in-depth demonstrations of these machines in action!

With multiple appearances, Quincy’s high-quality offerings have made their way to the top of the industry and are receiving the recognition they have earned!

Scales Industrial Technologies can set you up with the products that the pros are using!


If it Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix it!

The old saying goes, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” This applies especially when talking about reciprocating compressors from Quincy.

First brought to life in the early 1920’s, Quincy set a new standard for the industry when it released the QR-25 Reciprocating Compressor. This design would go on to become an industry standard, and one that can still be found in modern facilities to this day! (more…)


Compressed Air for Paint & Autobody

If you take a look around any auto repair shop, you’ll likely find compressed air is the force behind a number of tools and processes. From basic air-ratchets, to grinders and drills, the well-chosen compressed air provides a consistent powerful supply of force to these tools.

While compressed air is very useful, the type of compressor that your shop requires is largely dictated by the power demands of your operations. For average sized shops, a horsepower rating from 5-10hp will prove sufficient. Models such as the QT-5 (more…)


Get Your Air Compressor Ready For Summer

Get your compressed air system ready for the heat of summer!

  • Review the maintenance on your air compressor and air treatment system.
  • Make sure the compressor’s coolers are clean.
  • Filters should be maintained or changed.
  • Oil is changed or tested.
  • Manually test all drains for proper operation.
  • Clean the dryer condenser.
  • Ensure there is proper ventilation in the compressor room or area.

Call anyone of our locations to help with all your maintenance needs and beat the summer heat.


Compressed Air Accessories Every Shop Needs

There may be more to your compressed air system than meets the eye!  While a consistent flow of compressed air is crucial for proper operation of tools and machinery, complications can arise if compressed air is not filtered and treated correctly. Sensitive tools and machinery on the users end requires a source of clean dry treated compressed air. Everything from low pressure, high temperature, and high moisture content can have a negative effect on the systems performance.  Contaminants reduce the (more…)